Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of glass splashbacks?
- Easy to clean.
- No grout related mould.
- Minimum joins
Is a Splashback With glass easy to clean?

Yes. We recommend you use either warm soapy water and a clean soft cloth or a streak free glass cleaner.
What type of glass do you use?

We have two types of glass we use they are:

Float glass - This type of glass has high iron content and throws a green tint when a light colour is paint on it.

Starphire glass -Is the most optically clear glass available, therefore if you are looking for a colour match or a light shade you will need to use this type of glass.
Both types of glass are available in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.
Decorative glass such as slumped glass available also.
What colour can I have?

We have a standard colour range to choose from starting from solids to metallics,or we offer a colour matching service to match your favorite colour or décor.
What condition do my walls have to be in?

We can install glass splashbacks over most surfaces that are reasonably level with no protrusions or extremely large holes.
Can a glass splashback be put over existing splashback or tiles?

Yes as long as there is no protrusion glass can be installed over almost any surface that includes tiles, cement, and gyprock.
When can you come and measure?

Because we use toughened glass it is critical that accurate measurements are obtained at final site measure, so when your area requiring a glass splashback it is critical that all work is fully completed, that includes benchtops installed,utensils holders in place, plumbing and all electrical work finished than we can come and do a final site measure.
Please note: Once glass is toughened it cannot be altered.
Can you install a glass splashback behind a range hood canopy?

Yes, all range hood fixing points need to be installed or marked out to the exact position the range hood will sit.
Are glass splashbacks to Australian standard?

Yes – we use toughened safety glass for all of our splashbacks where possible which complies with ASI 288.
How long for a splashback to be installed?

We have an 7-10 working day lead time from final site measure to installation.
Do you give a guarantee for the glass splashbacks?

Yes we offer a 4 year warranty on all workmanship and colour delamaniation